8000 SB-ATS Pom

8000 SB-ATS Pom - Robust technology, fully automatic operation and sieve cleaning for freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

The Citrocasa 8000 SB-ATS Pom was specially developed for pressing pomegranates.
It sets a completely new standard in terms of user-friendliness and automation and is ideal for high-traffic self-service areas.

Technical data

Pomegranate per minute

30 (2 L in 60 sec)
Feeder capacity21 kg
Optimal fruit size65 - 75 mm
Dimensions (HxWxD)117 x 68 x 66 cm
Weight74 kg
Power280 W
Supply voltage110/230 V

Absolute time

And cost saving

Cross Holder
The patented Cross Holder fixes 5 end positions with just one quick release. The pressing and cutting tools can be removed or reinserted for cleaning in seconds.
Double Cover
The Double Cover is the key to 2-zone technology. By dismantling all components, including the machine rear panel (Double Cover), it is possible to guarantee absolute freedom from bacteria and germs, thus ensuring absolute hygiene and safety.
New splash guard

The new splash guard ensures absolute operating safety.

Pressing Kit

The pressing element of the new 8000 POM machine has been developed exclusively to achieve the best performance when pressing pomegranates. Based on our patented Cross Holder technology, pomegranates with a size of 75 mm to 85 mm can be processed. Our patented technology ensures a clean cut and maximum juice yield.

Transport system

Thanks to the improved ATS (Automatic Transport System), the sieve is always clean and free of any residue (fruit pulp accumulations, seeds, peel particles). The automatic transport system has been enlarged and now maximizes hygiene and juice purity while significantly reducing the workload.

Improved press elements

Thanks to the improved pressing elements, which were specially developed for pomegranates, maximum juice purity is achieved. The perfect cut of the fruit prevents the peel from tearing and thus the bitter taste of the juice. The result is maximum fruit enjoyment.


8000 SB-ATS Pom

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