24 cm highest quality Small machine, high performance, fastest cleaning and that with 100% Citrocasa quality are just a few of its revolutionary advantages, which you have never seen before in the field of small compact juicers. From 0 to 1 liter in 60 seconds

The Citrocasa Revolution Advance sets new standards with innovative technology, striking design and its unparalleled slim line.

Technical data

Fruits per minute15 oranges - 1 liter in 60 seconds
Fruit size65 - 78 mm
Dimensions (HxWxD)77 x 24 x 51.2 cm
Net weight43 Kg
Power280 W
Capacity feed tunnel5 - 6 oranges

A revolution


Press elements

The new pressing elements guarantee optimum flexibility of fruit sizes within the range of 65 mm and 78 mm. The juice yield is maximum - the orange is gently squeezed to the last drop.

Automatic press adjustment

For maximum juice yield, the squeezing pressure is adjusted to the respective peel thickness. The orange is thus squeezed to the last drop and in a gentle manner. Juicy profits guaranteed.

Inlet Tunnel & Shutter System

The new removable infeed tunnel prevents too large oranges from being fed into the pressing system. The optimized shutter system guarantees perfect fruit feed and serves as a stability factor. Absolute feeding control is given by the interaction of these two systems.

Double Cover

The removable machine back panel is the key component of the 2-zone technology and guarantees maximum hygiene. Quick to disassemble, easy to clean. All parts of the machine are dishwasher safe.

Softcutting system

Cutting instead of tearing: The perfect cutting behavior due to the improved blade guidance prevents contamination of the juice with bitter substances and essential oils from the orange peel. Best juice quality is guaranteed. The stability and strength of the knife guarantee maximum service life.

2-zone technology

The Engine Zone: The component with the engine does not come into contact with fruit juice at any time during juice pressing. Cleaning of the ENGINE ZONE is therefore not necessary. The Food Zone: All parts involved in the juicing process can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This ensures hygiene and saves a lot of time and therefore costs.

Cross Holder

This patented quick-release fastener fixes with only one screw and allows quick disassembly and cleaning of all machine components. The Cross Holder integrates the unique reverse tray ejector





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