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Frutas Naturales

Naturalness and perfection down to the smallest detail - that's what Frutas Naturales is all about!

Sun makes taste

Fully ripened Frutas Naturales are characterized by the highest juice content. These fruits are bursting with juice. Our sophisticated Frutas Naturales program, ensures year-round availability. A special part of the program is our "untreated after harvest" philosophy. This protects everyone, especially children, from contact with pesticides.

Citrocasa and Frutas Naturales are aware of their pioneering role. The program developed by Citrocasa to supply you with the best quality oranges 365 days a year is an enormous effort which is profitable for all involved. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer you an all-round carefree package (machine - orange - bottle).

Natural oranges

Untreated after harvest,
best juice result.

Available 365 days

Our special program allows
365 days availability.

Constant controls

Regular laboratory analyses for control are a must for us
and follow the highest standards.

Strong partnership

Strong partnerships with all parties
guarantee a reliable supply chain.

Supply Chain Excellence

Frutas Naturales are delivered throughout Europe within
72 hours.

Fully mature

Fully ripe Frutas Naturales guarantee the best
taste as well as a high juice content.

100% recycled PET


  • Available in all relevant formats: 0.25l, 0.33l, 0.5l and 1.0l.
  • 100% sustainable rPET - 100% recyclable.
  • Optimized bottle opening and high bottle stability for carefree premium fresh enjoyment.
  • Optimized handling and high hygiene: applied lid and PE bag in the carton for maximum safety against contamination.
  • For Germany: Deposit processing by CITROCASA.
  • Standard labels and custom labels.
  • All formats with calibration.
  • Delivery by carton possible.
  • All important certifications

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