Values that inspire


The company Citrocasa "Quality - Because we can".

"To be able to produce the perfect freshly squeezed orange juice,
you have to leave conventional paths.
Only perfection down to the last detail
leads to the best result. Not an easy path, but it's worth it to us!"

Josef Pichler (Founder, Citrocasa)

Values that inspire

  • Best machine quality - Long service life, low operating costs and minimal downtime
  • Best service quality - We ensure permanent availability
  • Maximum cleaning efficiency - No time-consuming cleaning procedures. Our patents decouple the machine from the juice. Stainless steel everywhere.
  • Maximum flexibility - you'd rather rent than buy? No problem! For high throughput of oranges also as a provision model.
  • The optimal complete system - Efficient fruit press, perfect fruit and sustainable bottles
  • Satisfied customers - With freshness and convenience, you generate additional revenue and increase your freshness competence.


Everything from one source

Oranges, Juicers and PET bottles, Citrocasa always allows freshly squeezed orange juice. We guarantee 100% fully ripe, post-harvest untreated oranges for the best taste and highest juice yield, the most innovative equipment for efficient pressing and safety in juice production and everything is completed with our specially developed PET bottles, for optimal freshness and shelf life.

Citrocasa employees on the iPad
Citrocasa employee on iPad
Citrocasa employee with noteboard
Citrocasa employees on the iPad

Our values also include our responsibility to society and the environment. As Citrocasa GmbH, we are part of the Berentzen Group. Our commitment to sustainability is therefore integrated into the sustainability activities of the corporate group. embedded. The guideline for the integration of ethical values into day-to-day business is the Code of Conduct of the Berentzen Group.

Performing Freshness


Onestep pressing kit enables acceptance of entire pressing zone
Onestep pressing kit

Rapid decomposition (one step) and operational safety

Highspeed cleaning in record time: ready in seconds and dishwasher safe.
In just one step, the entire pressing zone is pulled out and ready for cleaning.

Rapid disassembly in one step

Reduced cleaning effort and personnel costs

Employee dismantles cutting tool for cleaning thanks to Cross Holder System
Cross Holder

Quick disassembly and the highest operational safety

The unique Cross Holder fixes all end positions with just one screw. The pressing and cutting tools can be removed for cleaning or reinserted in seconds.

quick and easy disassembly with only one screw

Reduced cleaning effort and personnel costs

Pressing process stops automatically if machine components are loose

Automatic transport system keeps the sieve clean at all times
Transport system

Time saving, hygiene and juice purity

Thanks to the ATS (Automatic Transport System) or MTS (Manual Transport System), the sieve is always clean and free of any residues (fruit flesh accumulation, seeds, peel particles). The transport system leads to maximum hygiene and juice purity with significantly reduced handling effort.

No clogging of the fruit sieve, no soiling of the machine environment

No manual cleaning of the sieve necessary

The transport system keeps the sieve free from fruit residues

Modifiable juicer equipped with bucket full of oranges
Model Intelligence

Absolute flexibility

The intelligent and modular design of the Citrocasa models gives you the option of converting your existing machine from manual to automatic operation at a later date. In this way, you remain flexible and can switch between personnel and self-service at any time and at low cost.

Quick change from self-service to personal operation of the machine

No need to purchase a new machine as an upgrade to self-service

Employee dismantles machine rear wall thanks to Couble Cover System
Double Cover

Noticeable time savings and absolute hygiene

The Double Cover is the key to 2-zone technology. By dismantling all components, including the machine rear panel (Double Cover), it is possible to guarantee absolute freedom from bacteria and germs, thus ensuring absolute hygiene and safety.

Quick and easy cleaning in the dishwasher

Reduced cleaning effort and personnel costs

Dishwashing up to 95° prevents germ and bacteria formation

Perfectly cut orange slice thanks to soft cutting system
Soft cutting system

Precise cutting assures ultimate juice purity

Thanks to the Citrocasa SCS Up & Down cutting system, maximum juice purity is achieved. The perfect cut of the fruit prevents the peel from tearing and thus a bitter taste of the juice. The result is maximum fruit enjoyment.

Perfect cut due to up & down movement of the cutting system

Juice is not contaminated by bitter substances and essential oils

Control panel for programmable automatic shutdown
Intelligent Stop

Increased operational safety and hygiene

The programmable automatic switch-off signals when the peel waste container should be emptied. This prevents a bowl backlog and ensures absolute juice purity.

Programmable auto-stop function prevents bowl jams

no contamination of the juice due to peel jams

Juicer made from 100% full stainless steel
Stainless Steel

For absolute hygiene and durability

Citrocasa Juicers are made in all relevant zones, 100% of full stainless steel. This means the best hygiene, unparalleled product safety and excellent value retention.

Robust machine and low machine breakdown

Food-safe stainless steel design and reduced cleaning effort

Excellent value retention, service life and low component wear

Juicer separated into two parts thanks to 2-zone technology

2-zone technology

The 2-zone technology allows complete separation of the machine into an "Engine Zone" and "Food Zone". We comply with all health, safety and hygiene regulations in the food industry worldwide.

All components that come into contact with the juice or fruit can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Maximum time savings, highest hygiene (germ-free) and safety are thus ensured.

Engine zone
The engine zone does not come into contact with the fruit juice at any time during juicing. Therefore, cleaning is not necessary.

Food Zone
All components, including the machine rear panel (double cover), which come into contact with the fruit juice during the pressing process can be quickly and easily dismantled and washed in the dishwasher.

Smart Innovation

Innovations like our OneStep-Pressing Kit or our Double-Cover you will not find in any other juicer in the world. These unique features result in enormous time savings in the cleaning process, easy handling and component longevity. The design of the machine allows for intuitive and self-explanatory assembly.



Old Citrocasa machine from 1993

The company Citrocasa GmbH (formerly TMP GmbH) was founded in Linz, Austria, as an active distributor in the HORECA and LEH sector.

PET bottles filled with orange juice

Entry into the fresh juice business with Frutas Naturales oranges and PET bottles.

Introduction Citrocasa Logo

The Citrocasa brand was born, based on many years of experience in the industry. Launch of the Citrocasa Classic Line.

New Citrocasa Fantastic Juicer

Market launch of the CITROCASA Fantastic.

Introducing Citrocasa's Advance line with new 2-zone technology.

Introduction of the Citrocasa Advance Line with its unique 2-zone technology.

Citrocasa has been a subsidiary of the Berentzen Group beverage and spirits company in Germany since September 2014.

New Citrocasa Revolution Juicer on Cafébar

Introduction of the Citrocasa Revolution, the slimmest commercial juicer on the market.

New Citrocasa Eco Juicer at garden party

The new ECO is aimed at all those who value independence and autonomy with the proven Fantastic - attributes.

Customer uses premium juicer with new display

The premium juicing standard with new displays, automatic screen cleaning, the OneStep pressing kit and individual connectivity options.

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