Premium orange presses from



High profits due to robust design, fast juice production and time saving.

Operational safety

A question of intelligence. Citrocasa - equipped with the latest safety technology.

Juice purity

Perfect cutting with the SCS soft cutting system and excellent pressing technology for the purest juice.


Highest hygiene standard guaranteed by our 2-zone technology.

Time saving

Intelligent technology for the fastest disassembly and cleaning.

For any location

Application areas

Perfect solutions for limited space!

Quick and easy serving and self-service solutions for breakfast & buffet!

Citrus press, accessories, fruit and bottles - The complete solution from Citrocasa!

Innovation enables quality!

From Citrocasa you get the best and most innovative equipment you can find on the market. Our machines ensure maximum safety, highest hygiene and absolute cost and time savings. All our efforts are aimed at always achieving the highest juice quality and operational safety for our customers.

From Fantastic F/SB Juicer is drawn orange juice
Citrocasa employees in conversation

Career at Citrocasa

Citrocasa is a global brand in the hospitality and retail sector. This is thanks to the dedication and knowledge of each individual in the worldwide Citrocasa family. Only as a team can we achieve our goals.

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