8000 XB

8000 XB - Automatic fruit feeder, programmable fruit count, 5 L juice tank

The perfect solution if you want to pre-press larger quantities of orange juice. The juice is pressed directly into a storage tank with a capacity of approximately 5 liters. The ideal system when the juice is bottled or jarred by the staff on site and chilled in refrigerators or crushed ice tubs for the customers.

Technical data

Oranges per minute40 (2.7 L in 60 sec)
Feeder capacity21 kg
Optimal fruit size65 - 78 mm
Dimensions (HxWxD)102 x 67 x 66 cm
Weight78.5 kg (109 lbs)
Power280 W
Supply voltage110/230 V

Absolute time

And cost saving

Cross Holder
The patented Cross Holder fixes 5 end positions with just one quick release. The pressing and cutting tools can be removed or reinserted for cleaning in seconds.
Double Cover
The Double Cover is the key to 2-zone technology. By dismantling all components, including the machine rear panel (Double Cover), it is possible to guarantee absolute freedom from bacteria and germs, thus ensuring absolute hygiene and safety.
Intelligent Stop
Whether table-top version (small bowl container - approx. 40 fruits) or stand-alone solution (large bowl container - approx. 150 fruits) - the individually programmable automatic shut-off prevents bowl backlog and ensures absolute juice purity and best taste.
Pressing Kit
Three different sizes of pressing elements enable fruit sizes from 50 mm to 90 mm to be processed. This means that all citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruits can be pressed to the same quality in the dimensions listed.
Transport system

Thanks to the ATS (Automatic Transport System) or MTS (Manual Transport System), the sieve is always clean and free of any residues (fruit pulp accumulations, seeds, peel particles). The transport system leads to maximum hygiene and juice purity with significantly reduced handling effort.

Up & Down Soft Cutting System

Thanks to the Citrocasa SCS "Up & Down" cutting system, the highest juice purity is achieved. The perfect cut of the fruit prevents tearing of the skin and thus bitter taste of the juice. The result is maximum fruit enjoyment.


8000 XB


8000 XB

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