The premium juicer for high end bars and cafés.

The Fantastic iMpress with its revolutional OneStep-Cleaning in record time and a 3.5“ touch display is the ideal solution for premium HORECA locations.

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Fantastic iMpress Tischgeraet klein


Fantastic iMpress machine features

OneStep-Pressing Kit

Fastest disassembly and operational safety

Up & Down Soft-Cutting-System

Thanks to our SCS „Up & Down“ cutting system, the juice produced by the Fantastic is always completely pure. By cutting the fruit precisely, the SCS system avoids tearing the peel and thereby contaminating the juice with bitter substances. With 100% success. The end product is simply pure fruit goodness.


The 2-Level-Feeding-Plate enables the machine to feed the oranges into the pressing unit without getting crushed even if the hopper is completely filled.

3.5“ touch display

Multifunctional, language-independent (icons) 3.5“ touch display with illustrated guides

technical data
Oranges per minute 30 (2 l/min)
Feeder capacity 3 – 4 oranges
Dimensions (HxWxD), Weight 78 x 38 x 55.5 cm, 44 kg
Power, Voltage 200 W, 110/230 V
13 kg
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