The new standard in self-service.

Regardless whether you own a restaurant, health club (fitness center, healthfood store, etc.) or supermarket (convenience stores, etc.), the Fantastic F with its high capacity fruit hopper, will make delivering the freshest and purest juice easy. Make a freshness and quality statement in your business – a perfect solution for all establishments with medium to high juice demand.

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juicer fantastic fsb

Combining technology and efficiency.


The Fantastic F/SB will win you over with its care-free and superefficient operation and will save you money. It’s the perfect match for grocery stores and self-service restaurants.


Right next to your other fresh products – that’s where the Fantastic F/SB and F/D will feel at home. The two Auto Feeding Fantastics from Citrocasa, with their modern design and robust stainless steel, will do far more than just make your store look great. Despite their minimal space requirements, both machines will amaze you with their performance, which far exceeds all other comparable juicers.

absolute hygiene & safety

Cross Holder

The unique Cross Holder fastens 7 fixation points with 1 single screw. The juicer can be assembled and disassembled in a fraction of the time of any other juicer.

Double Cover

Citrocasa enables you to clean each and every part of the machine that comes in contact with the juice in the dishwasher at 95°C. Therefore absolutely no bacteria or germs remain on the juicer


The 2-Level-Feeding-Plate enables the machine to feed the oranges into the pressing unit without getting crushed even if the hopper is completely filled.

Soft-Cutting-System (SCS)

Thanks to our SCS „Up & Down“ cutting system, the juice produced by the Fantastic is always completely pure. By cutting the fruit precisely, the SCS system avoids tearing the peel and thereby contaminating the juice with bitter substances. With 100% success. The end product is simply pure fruit goodness.


The MTS (Manual-Transport-System) keeps the sieve free of pips and pulp without removing it. Through the manual cleaning-handle the pulp and pips can be transported into the peel waste containers. Available in all Fantastic models.

Intelligent Stop

The acoustic signal sounds, and the machine stops automatically when the peel container is full. This prevents any ”Peel-Jam” of the juicer. This feature is individually programmable for big and small peel containers.

Model Intelligence

It is possible to individually adjust between staff-operated and self-serving models in both manual and automatic feeding versions. There are only remaining 2 basic models for 4 different applications.

Oranges per minute 30 (2 L in 60 Sek.)
Feeder capacity 17 kg
Optimal fruit size 65 – 78 mm
Dimensions (HxWxD) 94,5 x 50 x 65,5 cm
Weight 52 kg
Leistung 200 W
Power 110/230 V


Fantastic ECO

Citrocasa brings an almost forgotten experience back into our world. Freshness and flavor is made even sweeter yet through self-sufficiency. The new ECO appeals to everyone who desires independence and self-reliance with the proven Fantastic attributes.

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The perfect solution for locations short on space, but long on quality. Our smallest model will amaze you with its design, compact footprint and high performance.

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Fantastic eXpress

The premium in self-service and innovation.The Fantastic eXpress with its self-cleaning fruit sieve (ATS) and revolutional OneStepCleaning is ideal for supermarkets and highly frequented HORECA locations.

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