Independence and self-reliance with Citrocasa 

Citrocasa brings an almost forgotten experience back into our world. Freshness and flavor is made even sweeter yet through self-sufficiency. The new ECO appeals to everyone who desires independence and self-reliance with the proven Fantastic attributes. Whether it be in ­hotels, (organic) supermarkets, cafes, (beach) bars, the Fantastic ECO can be used anywhere, thanks to its manual gear mechanism.

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juicer fantastic eco

The Fantastic ECO can be installed anywhere.


Small but powerful. The Fantastic ECO brings together all of the design and quality features of the Fantastic family with a high-grade manual gearbox. So small, so powerful - so fantastic!


Anywhere and anytime, because being tied down is a thing of the past. The Fantastic ECO can be set up easily, anywhere in the world - it needs no electrical power at all.


The quick and simple cleaning of all parts that come into contact with the orange assures the highest level of hygiene.


Environmentally friendly, economical, and compact. Perfect for any location, indoor or outdoor, the Fantastic ECO is usable in nearly any environment.

The natural way of taste

Manual Pressing

The Fantastic ECO brings together all of the design and quality features of the Fantastic family with a high-grade manual gearbox. The 18kg flywheel makes it so that the movement of the elements remains smooth and fluid, yet powerful. The ergonomically designed interaction with the mechanism protects against fatigue and injury.

Cross Holder

Fast assembly and maximum operational safety. The patented Cross Holder secures seven components into position with only one quick release latch. The press and cutting tools can be quickly removed for cleaning or replacement.

Double Cover

The Double Cover is the key of the 2-Zone-Technology. Through the easy disassembly of all components, including the machine‘s rear partition (Double Cover), it‘s simple to access every component where bacteria and mold might grow, thereby ensuring absolute hygiene and safety.


The 2-Zone-Technology consists of one Engine-Zone and one Food-Zone, allowing simple access to all parts that come into contact with food products for quick and easy cleaning. Maximum time saving, top hygiene, and safety guaranteed.

Oranges per minute 10
Feeder capacity 3 – 4 Oranges
Optimal fruit size 65 – 78 mm
Dimensions (HxWxD) 78 x 57.5 x 56 cm
Weight 56 kg
13 kg



The perfect solution for locations short on space, but long on quality. Our smallest model will amaze you with its design, compact footprint and high performance.

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Fantastic F/SB

With its easy and highly efficient operation, the Fantastic F/SB will win you over and save you money. It’s the perfect solution for grocery stores and self-service restaurants.

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8000 SB-ATS Pomegranate

The Citrocasa 8000 SB-ATS Pomegranate with its automatic transport system (ATS) sets completely new standards in user-friendliness and automation. Ideal for highly frequented self-service operations for juicing pomegranates, oranges, lemons, limes, etc.

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