The future of juicing technology available now.

The intelligent solution for supermarkets and highly frequented locations. The 8000 Connect is network compatible, has a self-cleaning fruit sieve and the OneStep-Cleaning in record time

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juicer 8000 connect

The world‘s first interactive juicer for high demands.


The brandnew 8000 2.0 series is second to none in terms of hygiene standards, comfort, efficiency, monitoring and connectivity. Both machines have a self-cleaning fruit  sieve (ATS) and a OneStep-Cleaning. In addition to that, the 8000 Connect is web-enabled, has access-points for payment  systems, and a 7” touch display. 

Thanks to new digital innovations the 8000 Connect will usher in  a complete new era of juicing experience and builds an outstanding contribution to every business‘ success story.


Citrocasa Cloud

The new Citrocasa Cloud enables you to have access to your juicer worldwide for a better and more efficient operation. It includes data extraction for performance monitoring, warning systems for remote services and online managing of the video platform on your juicer for adapting your promotion activities. Everything available on the new Citrocasa cloud platform from now on.

OneStep-Pressing Kit

Fastest disassembly and operational safety


Monitoring and evaluation of operational data − high transparency and control. Multifunctional, language-independent operation with video-guides.

Pressing Kit

Citrocasa offers the opportunity to equip its machines with different pressing kits ( = pressing elements + peel ejectors + knife + fruit feeding tube) for small, medium and large citrus fruits (50–90 mm).

ATS Automatic-Transport-System

The ATS (Automatic-Transport-System) and MTS (Manual-Transport-System) keep the sieve clean of pips and pulp without removing it.

Up & Down Soft-Cutting-System

Thanks to our SCS Up & Down Cutting System, the juice produced by the 8000 is always completely pure. By cutting the fruit precisely, the SCS system avoids tearing the peel and thereby contaminating the juice with bitter substances. With 100% success. The end product is simply pure fruit goodness.

Oranges per minute 40 (2.7 l/min)
Feeder capacity 21 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD), Weight
(without base carriage)
102 x 67 x 66 cm, 78.5 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD), Weight
(with base carriage)
179 x 67.5 x 66 cm, 117 kg
Power, Voltage 280 W, 110/230 V
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8000 eXpress

The 8000 eXpress series has a self-cleaning fruit sieve (ATS) and a OneStep-Cleaning in record time, which is the innovational solution for supermarkets with high hygiene standards.

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Fantastic iMpress

The Fantastic iMpress with its revolutional OneStep-Cleaning in record time and a 3.5“ touch display is the ideal solution for premium HORECA locations.

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8000 SB-ATS Pomegranate

The Citrocasa 8000 SB-ATS Pomegranate with its automatic transport system (ATS) sets completely new standards in user-friendliness and automation. Ideal for highly frequented self-service operations for juicing pomegranates, oranges, lemons, limes, etc.

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