After harvest untreated oranges


Fully ripened frutas naturales have highest juice yield, that‘s why the annual average of juice ratio is higher than with conventional oranges. Our special program of year-round available, after harvest untreated oranges, prevents everyone, especially children, from contact and intake of pesticides. The usage of oranges in such high quality, leads to increased customer loyalty due to a perfect juicing experience. This advantage leads to higher profits and increases ROI for our high end and best quality juicers.


Our orange farmers select the best orchards for our frutas naturales. Our growing program has to be fulfilled to 100%. Additionally we fulfill certified basics as Global Gap and social standard programs.  Frequent lab analysis are following the severe standards of the Global 2000 pesticide reduction program during the entire growing phase. It is important to us always to comply with the highest possible quality requirements (certificates, laboratory tests, legal framework).

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Valuable oranges

Juicing oranges: untreated after harvest and fully ripened for the best juice taste

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365 days available

Our special programm ensures all-season availability

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Constant lab analysis

Indispensable frequent controls ensure highest standards

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Strong partnerships

Our cooperations guarantee a reliable supply chain

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Supply Chain Excellence

Our Frutas Naturales are delivered across Europe within 72 hours after harvest

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Fully ripened fruit

Only fully ripened fruits have the best taste and highest juice yield