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In our domestic market of Austria and Germany we are proud to be the only whole system provider of:
orange juicers (Citrocasa), oranges (Frutas Naturales) and bottles.

The distribution of our oranges, bottles and especially our juicers is strong throughout Europe, USA and Middle East, and continuing to expand and increase our prominence all over the world.

citrocasa geschichte 1993

The company Citrocasa GmbH (former TMP GmbH) was founded in Linz, Austria as an active distributor of equipment in the HORECA and food retailing sector.

citrocasa geschichte 1998

Entry into the fruit juice business with Frutas Naturales oranges & PET bottles. 

citrocasa geschichte 2007

Citrocasa is born out of 15 years of experience in the sector of commercial orange juicers. Launch of the CITROCASA Classic juicers.

citrocasa geschichte 2010 2011


Market launch of the Fantastic juicers with their extraordinary design and fantastic features. Our professional juicers become known as THE innovation in the world of juicing.


citrocasa geschichte 2014

Launch of the CITROCASA Advance line with its unique 2-Zone-Technology and innovational cleaning system of the fruit sieve.

Since September 2014, TMP GmbH (Technic Marketing Products GmbH) has been a daughter company of the beverage group and liquor producer Berentzen Group AG in Germany.

citrocasa geschichte 2015

Launch of the Revolution, the slimmest commercial juicer on the market.

citrocasa geschichte 2017

Launch of the first fully hand-operated Citrocasa juicer. The Fantastic ECO appeals to everyone who desires independence and self-reliance with the proven Fantastic attributes. 

citrocasa geschichte 2019

The Premium-Juicing standards with new displays, automatic sieve cleansing, the OneStep juicing kit and individual connection possibilities.



Oranges, juicers and recycled PET-bottles, citrocasa always provides you with the best freshly squeezed orange juice. We guarantee 100% fully ripe and untreated oranges for the best taste and highest juice yield

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Only citrocasa technology guarantees the purest Orange juice! Innovations like our OneStep-Pressing Kit and Double Cover are exclusive to CITROCASA and cannot be found in any other juicer around the world.

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