Not just a drink for the gods
Pomegranate juice!

The pomegranate is considered the oldest medicinal plant used by humans, as well as a symbol of fertility, sensuality, and beauty. No wonder, then, that already in ancient times, its many beneficial properties earned it the title of the fruit of the gods. Fortunately, the fruit brings joy nowadays to all those who value healthy and high-quality food – for example, in the form of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

The pomegranate tree has its roots in the Near and Middle east, in Persia – today’s Iran. From there, its fruits conquered the entire world thanks to their refreshing, bittersweet flavor and healthy properties. Today, there are numerous different sorts of pomegranates: from the large, juicy Wonderful to the sweet Acco and the pink Mollar. Most pomegranates that Citrocasa delivers to its restaurant, hotel or grocery customers come from Spain, which is coincidentally the only country in the world that even features the pomegranate in its national emblem. Here it symbolizes the former kingdom of Granada (Spanish for pomegranate) in the southern Iberian Peninsula.

Pomegranate juice tastes great and is very healthy

Why is there so much hype surrounding this “new” superfood, and what is all the fuss about? In addition to the sweet and tart flavor, it is probably due to the nutrients contained in the pomegranate. From a health perspective, this special fruit is blessed with a miraculous reputation. Not so much because of its vitamin C content, which is rather modest compared to that of the orange. However, it has outstanding amounts of polyphenols, especially flavonoids and tannins. Both of these bioactive substances are known to have antioxidant properties. That means they protect the body’s cells from some negative influences and can potentially even influence the aging process. Many nutritionists also credit the pomegranate and its juice with the ability to prevent circulatory illness, lower blood pressure and help counteract arthritis. In the Far East, pomegranate juice is widely considered an effective aid for treating stomachaches and fever. It’s no surprise, then, that more and more people are drinking pomegranate juice, and grocers and restaurateurs are catching on to the trend. Many do so by partnering with Citrocasa, who offers a refined and complete concept for fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice.

Ideal for juice walls, breakfast buffets, etc.

In fact, Citrocasa does more than produce the technological leader amongst pomegranate juicers in two different sizes; we also supply each customer reliably with high-quality pomegranates of the Emek, Acco, Wonderful and Mollar varieties. Ideal for any supermarket, for the hotel breakfast buffet, or for any place where one wants to offer something special for the guests or customers. Important: Frutas Naturales from Citrocasa ripen on the tree, unlike conventional fruits. They are not treated after being harvested, so that their full and wonderful flavor can bloom in the glass of the person enjoying them.


The best juice is a combination of tasty fruits and the perfect juicing technology. The right machine for squeezing pomegranates is either the Revolution for small to medium size locations or the 8000 SB-ATS Pomegranate for higher demands.

8000 SB-ATS Pomegranate

Die Citrocasa 8000 SB-ATS mit ihrem Automatischen Transport System (ATS) setzt einen komplett neuen Standard in Sachen Bedienfreundlichkeit und Automatisierung für frisch gepressten Granatapfelsaft.

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