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Orange juice – sustainably!

Sustainability is quite the hot topic, and of course this is also true among orange juice connoisseurs, who attach great importance not only to taste, freshness and vitamins, but also to the environment. That is why Citrocasa started to focus on sustainable concepts long ago with the ECO line and recycled PET bottles. Expanding our organic orange program "Frutas Naturales BIO" will also be at the top of the to-do list for 2021.

Oranges and pomegranates are two very valuable fruits; for us they represent both gifts and obligations. Gifts, because they are refined into fruit juices to provide extraordinary pleasure to many people. Obligations, because we do not wish to exploit the generosity of nature, but rather to preserve it sustainably. With this in mind, we at Citrocasa, together with all environmentally conscious connoisseurs, take responsibility for tomorrow. A fine example of this is our ECO-line orange presses. They work in an environmentally friendly way, with a manual transmission and no need for electricity. The motto is: "Freshness and taste you make yourself." Simply ideal for hotels, (organic) supermarkets, cafes, (beach) bars, etc. But that's not enough about sustainability.

Orange juice from recycled PET bottles

In 2019, we started offering rPET bottles in addition to conventionally produced plastic bottles. rPET stands for PET bottles which are made 100 percent from recycled plastic. With ALPLA, we have an international company based in Austria at our side, which itself attaches great importance to sustainability and has therefore become a world leader in the development and production of sustainable packaging solutions made of plastic. The quality of ALPLA rPET bottles is the same as that of conventionally produced PET bottles, which has allowed us to motivate most of our customers to switch to rPET products in record time. The same applies to the further expansion of our organic orange program "Frutas Naturales BIO", but more on this (a little later) in a separate article.

Frutas Naturales in the worry-free complete package

With Frutas Naturales, Citrocasa offers its customers first-class oranges, untreated after-harvest, with extremely high juice content and the best juice quality all year round. The secret lies in the long ripening period. The oranges remain on the trees until they are fully ripe, are no longer treated after the harvest, and are delivered throughout Europe within 72 hours. Conveniently, our many years of experience enables us to include the oranges in an all-round carefree package for our customers. The bottom line: we are able to offer machines as well as oranges and bottles from a single source. Is that not a compelling argument for a sustainable partnership?

Fantastic ECO

Citrocasa brings an almost forgotten experience back into our world. Freshness and flavor is made even sweeter yet through self-sufficiency. The new ECO appeals to everyone who desires independence and self-reliance with the proven Fantastic attributes.

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