Freshly squeezed juice
A strategy against the crisis

The corona crisis has a significant impact on consumer behavior. For example, the net expenditures in grocery stores have risen by approx. 10 percent since the beginning of the pandemic. Fresh fruit in particular has shown a clear upward trend, which is likely to remain, at least in the mid-term. With a system solution incorporating juicers and fruits, Citrocasa offers grocers, hotel owners and restaurateurs the opportunity to profit from this development with fresh-squeezed juices.

Studies have shown that consumer demand in the grocery sector has changed since the onset of the coronavirus. People are not only buying more, but are also paying more attention to product quality and health. According to a study from the Boston Consulting Group*, 47 percent of respondents now set more stock in eating healthily. 48 percent of respondents also explain that they wish to maintain this new eating habit after the crisis passes. At the same time, results of a Deloitte** study show that in the mid- and long term, there appears to be great potential for growth in fresh fruits. The study identified an increase in demand and numerous possibilities to make fresh fruits more appealing to consumers. Freshly squeezed juice is one of them. This applies for restaurants and hotels as well as retail.

Citrocasa makes the day-to-day easier during the corona-crisis

Due to the hygiene regulations and restrictions resulting from the pandemic, offering fruits has proven quite a challenge, especially in hotels and restaurants. Self-service buffets are only allowed, for example, if the risk of infection can be minimized through special hygienic precautions, such as hand disinfection immediately before the buffet area. Alternatives are disposable gloves or serving utensils. The bottom line is a significant increase in effort and costs. For this reason, there is a demand for solutions for restaurants, hotels and retail – to make the daily business not only simpler and more efficient, but also more lucrative. By offering oranges, juicers and PET bottles from a single source, Citrocasa has a complete solution to fulfill all of these requirements.

Healthy, untreated fruits all year round

Citrocasa offers its customers the highly refined Frutas Naturales Program. It guarantees year-round availability of great-tasting, tree-ripened fruits that have not been treated after harvest. As a result, the Frutas Naturales Program catches on to two trends at once: on the one hand, it has precisely the right offering in the face of the growing consumer demand for healthy and fresh foods. On the other, it delivers compelling selling points regarding social and environmental responsibility.

Perfect hygiene with dishwasher-safe fruit presses

Of course, Citrocasa was committed to good hygiene before the age of the coronavirus. That’s why almost all of our juicers are constructed entirely with solid stainless steel. That also includes the tap, which like most other parts can be cleaned conveniently in professional-grade dishwashers at temperatures of up to 90° Celsius. The high-quality stainless steel also enables rapid and thorough cleaning with alcohol-based disinfectants. The handling and use of the machines is also conceived to facilitate maximum hygiene and convenience.

For these reasons, Citrocasa is considered a pioneer for hygiene and quality, which pays off – especially in times like these. Customers in the hospitality and retail sectors appreciate the benefits of purchasing hygienically safe products to make available to their customers or guests. The push of a button is all it takes for wonderful freshly squeezed orange juice to flow into a glass or a recycled PET bottle, conveniently also provided by Citrocasa. Find more information about our innovations here.


Only citrocasa technology guarantees the purest Orange juice! Innovations like our OneStep-Pressing Kit and Double Cover are exclusive to CITROCASA and cannot be found in any other juicer around the world.

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