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The Digital Supermarket

The Corona pandemic has further accelerated the digitalization of the food trade. A recent survey of owners, managing directors and market leaders in Germany concludes that, in addition to merchandise management, improving the shopping experience is the first priority. With the Connect series of juicers, Citrocasa makes an attractive contribution.

There are good reasons why online grocery shopping is still lagging far behind non-food products. On the one hand, the consumer often buys the staples of daily life spontaneously and without much planning. On the other hand, selecting and checking fresh foods is a pleasant and sensual experience that many people do not want give up. From the point of view of brick-and-mortar retail, this purchasing mentality should persist in the future. Digital systems will play an important role in this, provided they improve guidance, interact with customers and thus make the purchase more exciting overall.

Digital tools make shopping more fun

It seems somewhat curious that expert proposals for brick-and-mortar retailers include concepts that we associate with online shopping. Electronic aids are intended to mitigate the existing disadvantages of offline shopping and make brick-and-mortar shopping more entertaining, but also more efficient. The item finder for very large markets is a good example. This tool allows customers to view and be guided to the exact location of an item in the store with their mobile phone. Recommendation and filter systems on the shelf are also a major  topic. The idea is that customers receive relevant information about products directly at the sales shelf. Eyewear systems which transmit the information are still a long way off. Nevertheless, they are already being tested under "laboratory conditions", with some success. On the other hand, the fun factor during shopping can also be increased much more easily and cost-effectively: for example, with the network-enabled Connect series of juicers from Citrocasa. 

Juicing oranges as a shopping experience

Freshly squeezed orange juice does more than signal maximum freshness to the consumer. The do-it-yourself character of the juicing process with the stylish and modern juicers from Citrocasa also triggers a shopping experience that goes far beyond the normal Grab-and-go shopping. If one of the digital models from the Citrocasa Connect series is in the supermarket, the purchasing experience is upgraded once again—because the 7'' touch displays feature videos including information and audio accompaniment, such as promotional films or instructions. But the benefits go on.

Intelligent Juicers Think Ahead

Both the Fantastic and the 8000 Connect are network-enabled orange juicers. This means that they can not only be connected to cash register systems, but also to employees and market managers. For example, you could use your mobile phone or other mobile devices to display error messages. Both juicers provide information about orange consumption, which allows more precise ordering and reduced spoilage. In addition, they automatically inform users about production and standing times, draw attention to malfunctions and can be conveniently and cost-effectively maintained remotely. In short: both juicers provide a special shopping experience and make an active contribution to the supermarket! Read more information about the brandnew 8000 Connect and 8000 Express.

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