So small

The new CITROCASA Fantastic once again proves that it is often the little things in life that provide the greatest pleasure. After all, the knack of impressing people day after day is not really a question of size. Far more important is the know-how, passion and aesthetic sensibility with which this juicer was designed – the smallest and most beautiful of all of CITROCASA‘s machines. It‘s almost a pity that it requires 40 percent less space than other models.

So powerful

The CITROCASA Fantastic sets an entirely new standard when it comes to functionality, design and performance. The 300 percent faster juice production is already impressive. All of this, together with its exceptional styling results in a perfectly implemented concept that is compelling in every possible way. A concept whose fulfilment results in the purest, highest-quality orange juice and ultimate delight.

So fantastic

The new CITROCASA Fantastic is a break with everything that‘s gone before: indeed, its revolutionary design anticipates everything that was previously held to be impossible for a juicer. Top performance despite a small footprint, stunningly stylish, revolutionary SCS Up & Down cutting system, disassembly that is simplicity itself and 90 percent less time spent on cleaning are just some of its amazing features – features that will be standard in the future.
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