Absolute safety due to our 2-zone-technology

[Engine zone]

The Engine Zone does not come into contact with the juice during the pressing operation,
greatly reducing machine-cleaning times and increasing the level of hygiene.

[Food zone]

The Food Zone components, including the back wall (Double Cover), which come into contact with the juice during the juicing operation, can easily be removed for cleaning, making the juicing operation extremely hygienic, safe, and efficient.


The 2-Zone-Technology enables the complete separation of Engine Zone and Food Zone at the machine. We fulfill all health, safety and hygiene regulations in the food and fresh food industries worldwide. All parts that come in contact with the juice, and are therefore the most affected by hygiene regulations, can be cleaned in the dishwasher, ensuring increased hygiene (germ-free), safety, and a huge saving in time.

HACCP certified

  • Icon Cross Holder
  • Icon Douple Cover
  • Icon Intelligent Stop
  • Citrocasa Model intelligence Icon
  • Icon Up & Down Soft Cutting System
  • Icon Stainless Steel
  • Icon Transportsysteme


Innovations like our Cross Holder and Double Cover are exclusive to CITROCASA and cannot be found in any other juicer around the world. These unique features will help save you time during the cleaning process and help to avoid any technical problems due to incorrect assembly. Our machines are designed to ensure that the operation and assembly are as intuitive and self-explanatory as possible.

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