In our domestic market of Austria and Germany we are proud to be the only whole system provider of:

Citrocasa History

  • Oranges (Frutas Naturales)
  • Orange Juicers (Citrocasa)
  • Bottles

The distribution of oranges is currently limited to our home markets, however distribution of our juicers and bottles is strong throughout Europe, USA and Middle East, and continuing to expand and increase our prominence all over the world.


The company TMP Technic Marketing Products GmbH was founded in Linz, Austria as an active distributor in the HORECA and food retailing sector.

Citrocasa History


Entry into the fruit juice business with Frutas Naturales oranges & PET bottles.

Citrocasa History


Citrocasa is born out of 15 years of experience in the sector of commercial orange juicers. Launch of the CITROCASA Classic product line.

Citrocasa History


Market launch of the CITROCASA Fantastic.

Citrocasa History


Launch of the CITROCASA Advance line with its unique 2-Zone-Technology.

Citrocasa History
Citrocasa History

Since September 2014, TMP GmbH (Technic Marketing Products GmbH) has been a daughter company of the beverage group and liquor producer Berentzen Group AG in Germany (http://www.berentzen-gruppe.de/).


Launch of the Revolution, the slimmest commercial juicer on the market.

Where to next?

Our goal for the next few years is to further increase the prominence of our citrus juicers worldwide, by ensuring we deliver the highest equipment quality and outstanding customer satisfaction every time.