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Safety is our number one priority!

In every one of our new Citrocasa Advance Line orange juicers, we have introduced our innovative 2-Zone-Technology. This unique technology enables the complete separation of the Engine Zone and Food Zone on the machine, resulting in a huge increase in hygiene, safety, and time saving.

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From Citrocasa you get the best and most innovative citrus juicing equipment available. Our machines are designed and developed to provide the maximum in hygiene and safety standards, while simultaneously minimizing the time and cost expenditures of our customers. All this, engineered to deliver the best juice quality on the market.

7-Reasons why you will love our machines

Discover the power of citrocasa juicers

Citrocasa Juicers include multiple unique features that make us the unchallenged market leader in innovation. Developments such as our Cross Holder, our SCS (Soft-Cutting-System) or our Double Cover allow us to rise above our competition and enable the easiest and safest handling for our customers.

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The perfect fit for every location!

Whether small cafés with low consumption or supermarkets with high juice demand, Citrocasa has the orange juicer best suited for your establishment. No matter where you place it, the sleek design of our orange juicers will catch your customers’ eyes. The transparent front cover allows visibility of the squeezing at all times - customers will be ordering juices, just to watch the machine at work. So go on, show them how the purest juice is made!

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Squeeze the most out of cutting edge technology:

  • Juice Purity

    Perfect cutting with the SCS Soft Cutting System, and perfect pressing technology for pure juice.

  • Time Saving

    Intelligent technology for fast disassembly and cleaning.

  • Operational Safety

    A matter of intelligence. Citrocasa - Equipped with the latest safety technology.

  • Hygiene

    Highest hygiene standards are guaranteed with our 2-Zone-Technology.

  • Profitability

    Return on investment delivered through robust design, fast juice production and intelligent time saving engineering.